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At Reassemble, we are dedicated to reshaping perspectives, fostering empathy, and providing the tools needed to navigate complex societal issues. Together, let's embark on a journey of learning, growth, and positive transformation.

All Hands In

Violence Prevention

At R.E.S.T., we prioritize proactive strategies for violence prevention. Our education and support training section equips individuals and communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify early warning signs, de-escalate situations, and promote non-violent conflict resolution.

Justice Reform

We believe in the power of education to drive systemic change. Our justice reform programs focus on educating stakeholders about equitable practices, restorative justice principles, and community engagement. Through these initiatives, we aim to contribute to the transformation of justice systems towards fairness and inclusivity.


Tackling inequality is at the core of our mission. Our education and support training sections aim to raise awareness about systemic issues, biases, and discrimination. By fostering a deeper understanding of inequality, we empower individuals to challenge existing norms and actively participate in creating a more just and equal society.

Image by Susan Wilkinson
Image by Matt Palmer
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Trauma Coaching

R.E.S.T. offers specialized training in trauma coaching to provide support for those who have experienced adversity. Our programs focus on building empathy, understanding trauma triggers, and implementing effective coaching strategies to aid individuals on their journey toward healing and resilience.

Recovery Coaching

Supporting individuals in their recovery journey is a cornerstone of our services. Our education and support training in recovery coaching emphasize a holistic approach, covering topics such as addiction awareness, relapse prevention, and the development of coping mechanisms to empower individuals on the path to sustained recovery.

Peer Coaching

R.E.S.T. recognizes the power of peer support. Our education and support training in peer coaching foster a community-driven approach, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences and mutual understanding. Through this, we aim to create a network of peer coaches who can provide valuable insights, encouragement, and guidance to others facing similar challenges.

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