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About Us

R.E.S.T.'s purpose is to help eliminate fear and enhance the love of self and others through the vehicle of education for the recovering person and community. R.E.S.T. believes recovery is comprised of countless pathways that contribute to a healthy quality of life for those who are seeking long-term recovery.

Our Vision

R.E.S.T.'s vision is to continue fighting the fight of addiction by building a platform of unity and resources through advocacy and education with the goal of sustaining long-term recovery. R.E.S.T. strives to build communities that no longer fear or stigmatize the recovering or mentally challenged person but treats them with dignity and respect; therefore, offering services to make this vision a reality.


  1. End substance use issues

  2. Create an environment that cultivates recovery.

  3. Develop an supportive environment.

  4.  Promote sustainability.

Meet The Team

LaDonna Meekins.PNG

LaDonna Meekins

Executive Director

Carmen Meekins.PNG

Carmen Meekins

Deputy Director

Kimberly Haywood.PNG

Kimberly Haywood

Chief Operating Officer

Ja'Viania Conley

Ja'Viania Conley



Gregory Giles

Board Member

Bob Wiley

Bob Wiley

Know Your Rights Trainer

Vicki Whitfield

Vicki Whitfield

Board Member

Raymond Fleming

Raymond Fleming

Training Instructor

Mr. Norman

Norman Littlejohn


Kim Walker

Kim Walker

Senior Administrator

michael wiley

Michael Wiley


R.E.S.T. Logo

Norma Jarmon

Senior Admin

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